• Artistic Director: Ashley Sweett
    Cinematography and editing: Dallas Sauer
    Dancer: Ashley Sweett | Music: “Sweet Thing” by Van Morrison

    Little India’s OOLA Official Music Video
    Choreographer: Ashley Sweett | Dancer: Chelsea Hartwick | Editor & Producer: Conan Karpinski | Executive Producer: Cherie Sinclair | Producer: Stefan Berrill | Director: Matt Leaf

    “Fear vs Excitement” from Bated Breath at The Dance Centre in Vancouver, BC
    Choreographer: Ashley Sweett
    Dancers: Regan Calicetto, Krystin Clarke, Marissa Gold, Amelie Lavoie, Christine Stanley, Alyssa Tavares, Jamee Valin, Erin Walton

    Bated Breath Promo Trailer
    Artistic Director: Ashley Sweett | Cinematography and editing: Dallas Sauer
    Dancers: Krystin Clarke, Amelie Lavoie, Jamee Valin, Christine Stanley, Brittney Anderson,
    Regan Callicetto, Marissa Gold, Alyssa Tavares, Ashley Sweett
    Photographer: Shannyn Higgins | Music: “I Guess I’m Floating” by M83

    Yeasayer Sunrise Dance Video
    Video Production: Shannyn Higgins
    Choreographer: Ashley Sweett
    Dancer: Danielle Gardner

    “A Song About California” by Hey Ocean
    Choreographers: Geneen Georgiv and Ashley Sweett
    Video directed by John JP Poliquin
    Produced by The Studio in Vancouver, Canada

    “Sleep” by Little India
    Produced & Directed by Conan Karpinski
    Choreographed by Ashley Sweet
    Dancers: Cailey Colton, Brooklyn Robb, Alyssa Tavares

    “Trenchtown Rock” from The Lovers Cabaret presents: Lovers of Marley
    Choreography: Ashley Sweett and Lineke Van Kleek